The Purpose Of A Rear Main Seal


A Rear Main Seal is a circular seal mounted where the crankshaft comes out of the engine. This seal would be mounted behind the flywheel or flex plate and it prevents the oil from leaking from the engine while still allowing the crankshaft to rotate. The rear main seal is between the engine’s crankshaft and […]

Manual transmissions- Will it survive the new EV- world?


  The transmission is probably one of the most complicated components in your vehicle. The transmission is a metal case that houses a series of gears – which explains its nickname of “gearbox”.   The transmission takes power from the engine and delivers it to the wheels to help power your vehicle. It is responsible […]



Ever received a phone call from your technician, telling you that your vehicle’s brake fluid service is due? Many people tend to ignore this important service and then suffer the consequences. We believe that the braking system is one of the most hard-working systems in a vehicle. Therefor it needs special attention, which include regular […]

Scheduled Maintenance = Fuel Economy


As the effects of the rising fuel price are being felt daily, it’s important to understand why scheduled maintenance is more important than ever. Services carried out with quality parts can pull on the pocket strings, especially if the service needed is more expensive than you originally anticipated but rest assured there is good reason […]

Travel Emergency Preparation

Open Road

A car emergency kit can mean the difference between getting back on the road quickly, and being stranded for hours. With December and holiday time approaching quickly, it is a good idea to make sure you and your car are road-trip ready ahead of time. Leaving preparations to the last minute could see you forgetting something […]

What to Look Out For When Buying a 2nd Hand Car

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Buying 2nd Hand: Expert advice   For most people, buying a used car is an in-person experience, whether with a private party or at a dealership. VAG Spec Centre Cape Town has put together a few tips when buy a 2nd hand car. Do as much research as you can online. This would include educating […]

Three Most Common DSG Gearbox Problems

S3 Gearbox 2

DSG or the direct-shift gearbox comes as a fully automatic gearbox or semi-manual gearbox. It is responsible for controlling the speed and the torque in a vehicle as is demanded of the car as per the terrain. Eliminating the need of the user to control the gear system manually, the DSG system is used in […]

The “Right To Repair” is now yours

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The VAG SPEC CENTRE GROUP is perfectly aligned to service customers under the new Right2Repair campaign. We have been ready for this for a very long time. VAG Spec not only offers highly trained technicians with years of experience in their respective fields but also excellent customer service as well as state of the art […]

Should I Service My Automatic or DSG Gearbox?

Dsg Gearbox

Most dealerships advise that gearboxes do not need to be serviced. At VAGSpec Centre Cape Town we often have clients asking how gearbox oil can be ‘life-time oil’ as the dealers claim because with that logic, engine oil should never need to be changed either. In short nothing is lifetime. Especially the oil lubricating your […]

Expert advice: DSG & S-Tronic Mechatronic failures

DSG box

What Is A DSG And How Do They Work? With the DSG (direct-shift gearbox) transmission, a dual-clutch automatic, Volkswagen and Audi made one of the biggest impacts in the industry in 2003, providing an efficient option that offers reliability and great power. And, it has the least downsides of all transmissions. The DSG is effectively two separates electronically […]