Buying 2nd Hand: Expert advice


For most people, buying a used car is an in-person experience, whether with a private party or at a dealership. VAG Spec Centre Cape Town has put together a few tips when buy a 2nd hand car.

Before you close the deal, have the car scrutinized by an accredited workshop that routinely does diagnostic work. A dealership should have no problem working with you to get the vehicle to an accredited workshop. If a salesperson tells you that an independent inspection is not necessary because the dealership has already done it, insist on having your mechanic look at it. If a private seller is reluctant to let you drive the car to a shop, offer to follow the seller to the inspection shop.

Ask your mechanic for a written report detailing the car’s condition, noting any problems found and the cost to repair them. You can then use the report when you begin to negotiate with the seller or for peace of mind.

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